Honest Token is a novelty token created with the best of intentions… Rewarding people for their honesty and good deeds.

With a low total circulating supply of just 4MM Honest (HON) ERC20 tokens, Honest Tokens are a rare and unique expression of gratitude.

That being said, if you intend to acquire a boatload of Honest Tokens, with the expectation of moonshots and Lambos, please don’t do so without first consulting with a professional investment advisor.  It’s quite likely that they will discourage you from doing so…  We’re just being honest.

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The Token

Honest Token is a decentralized platform developed on the Ethereum blockchain network.  You can send Honest Tokens to anybody with an ERC20 compatible wallet.

Honest Token allows you a new way to offer a token of your appreciation for honesty and good deeds.  Honest Token is not intended to be utilized for investment purposes… Just for acknowledging and rewarding honesty, and acts of kindness, with Honest Tokens.

We intend to have some token giveaways in the coming weeks.  Subscribe to our Telegram for more information.

The Team

Honest is the brainchild of Claude Dauman. Claude is an Internet pioneer, having launched his first successful online businesses way back in 1996! Claude sees the blockchain and distributed ledger technology as the natural evolution  of the Internet revolution.

Usage Examples

There are many ways to utilize Honest Tokens to reward people for their honesty.  Here are some examples:

 Show an honest token of your appreciation, to friends and family, for their honesty and kindness!

 Offer an honest token of your gratitude to your spouse for his or her candor.

 Share an honest token of thanks to your social media friends and followers for being totally honest.



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